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It is the mission of all those who work at THE HILLS HEALTH RANCH to ensure that the spa experience at our unique award winning wilderness & adventure spa, is a wholistic health & wellness experience based upon your deeply personal needs for RELAX-ATION, REFLECTION, REVITALIZATION, & REJOICING!!
The following series of spa experiences defines who we are and what we believe in, to continue to bring the best opportunities in Canada, for your next "healthy" spa experience!!!

At The Hills most of our services include the use of our very own rosehip oil that we cold pressed right here on our own property. Our Rosehips are grown at the 3400 ft level, allowing a higher level of nutrient concentration in a wild, unspoiled wilderness area.  Rosehips are one of nature's most potent sources of vitamin C, bio-flavonoids, minerals and essential fatty acids and are vital to build and strengthen body tissue, especially the blood vascular system to include preventing and healing of fragile, broken capillaries.
Some research and science has shown wild Rosehip oil is also beneficial for sensitive skin, weak thread veins, and effective in promoting tissue regeneration. It is used on scars, burns, wrinkles, callouses and is helpful for many other skin abnormalities. We have at our fingertips 20,000 acres of these blessed Rosehips to formulate our Canadian Wild Rosehip Oil. We use this precious oil for facials, body wraps, body scrubs, to massage into your hands and feet and our own massage lotion is based with our Rosehip oil. Try several of our treatments with our natural Rosehip oil and see and feel the difference for yourself.

| Signature Body Treatments | Hands and Feet | Facials | Hydro Therapy | Scalp and Hair | Waxing and Other |

Signature Body Treatments

body-treatmentsPowerful Detox Clay Therapy $139.00 105 min.
Great for all skin types and those who may be claustrophobic or heat sensitive.

Hydrating Seaweed Wrap $89.00 50 min.
This treatment begins with an exfoliating dry brush massage, followed by the application of appropriate oils and finally ending with the moisture and mineral rich Seaweed Mask.

Rosehip Oil Wrap $89.00 50 min.
A treatment you'll want to experience every time you come! This is a powerful uplifting and relaxing experience using our very own rose hip oil.

Spirulina Detox Wrap $89.00 50 min.
This full body algae based detox treatment is for the guest wanting shorter but effective results.

Full Body Ceilulite Wrap $119.00 80 min. Oxy Gel C Ceilulite Wrap Spot Treatment  $89.00 50 min.
Your reward with this experience is improved appearance of the skin.

Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Wrap $89.00 50min. “STAFF PICK”
Balances and soothes the body, mind and spirit. You won't have a care in the world!

Rosehip Seed Scrub $89.00 50min. “STAFF PICK”
It is a great protection against free radicals, is exfoliating and moisturizing! Add the Cariboo's famous Rosehip Oil to finish the treatment.

Sea Salt Renew Scrub $59.00 25 min.
This experience is completed with a moisturizing rub and body spritzer, after your shower. Note: Fantastic add on to any wrap for those with very dry skin.

Hills Back Facial $89.00 50 min.
Fantastic treatment for summertime fun "all skin types"

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Hands and Feet

hands-feetSoul Soothing Pedicure or Manicure with paraffin $49.00 50 min. “STAFF PICK”
This highly moisturizing treatment will sooth, soften, revitalize and renew your hands or feet. Includes a warm soak, cuticle and nail shaping, callous removal followed by essential oil sea salt scrub, a great massage, ending with a warm paraffin treatment. Great anytime of the year.

Hills Spa Pedicure or Manicure with Polish $49.00 50 min.
The best for hot, tired or puffy hands or feet... experience our herbal soak, cooling peppermint polish to exfoliate and smooth, cuticle and nail shaping, soothing mask, leaving skin hydrated, smooth, supple and polished. Highly recommended for diabetics, menopausal women or swollen, hot dry feet or hands.

Male Sport Manicure or Pedicure $49.00 50 min.
Great for the stressed "Blackberry" syndrome or tired aching feet! Soothing soak, marine peppermint scrub, file nails and hand or foot massage with paraffin.

Maintenance Pedicure or Manicure $39.00 25 min.
Buff nails, peppermint polish scrub and moisturizing lotion applied, (polish not included)

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FacialsAge-Eraser Facial $89.00 50 min.
Using Liolenic cell renewal serum combined with our cell repair complex.

Decongesting Cleansing Facial $89.00 50 min.
Great for congested skin after cold sinusitis or flu.

De-Stressing Sea Spa Facial $ 119.00 80 min.
Fantastic treatment for rosacea sunburn and smokers!

Hills Rose hip Deep Repair Facial $89.00 50min. “STAFF PICK”
Using rose hip oil, this facial gives immediate, visible results to the feeling of the skin and is well known for its ability to smooth wrinkles and heal sun-damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Ginkgo Lift Facial $119.00 80 min.
Its enriched micro-liposome's provide immediate visible results in skin tone, texture and firmness while protecting from sun light, UVA, UVB, pollution, etc. A must for city dwellers!!!

Acupressure Lymphatic Face-lift $119.00 80 min.
This deluxe facial gives immediate results in stimulation and circulation to the facial area.

Mini Facial $49.00 25 min.
This refreshing express visit will effectively deal with the problem areas of the skin.

Executive Facial For Men $89.00 50 min. “STAFF PICK”
A relaxing treatment that focuses on deep pore cleansing. Just for men.

Hills Back Facial $89.00 50 min.
Fantastic treatment for summertime fun "all skin types"

Visible Eye Lift Treatments! $45.00 25 min.
This special eye treatment can be added to any facial or booked alone. Add a visible eye lift treatment to any facial or body wrap. (Must be booked prior to treatment.) When added to a treatment $29.00

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Signature Massages ( not just for her )

massage-infoRelaxation Full Body Massage $89.00 50 min.
Whether you prefer a penetrating massage or a light soothing touch, our experienced, qualified staff are anxious to please!

Hills Heated River Stone Massage $99.00 45 min. “STAFF PICK”
Stones are fantastic transporters when used in conjunction with essential oils. Penetrating heat radiates deep into muscles to fully release tension, provide pain relief, stress reduction and deep relaxation.

Neck and Back Massage $59.00  25 min.
Focusing on the upper and lower back, shoulders and neck area, this massage is a wonderful stress reliever for those tired muscles!

Dry Brush Massage $59.00  25 min.
This full body massage is done with a soft natural dry brush and instantly stimulates circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates all underlying organs and glands leaving your skin smooth, strengtnened and glowing. This treatment is very beneficial on a daily basis or as prevention of varicose or spider veins.

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hydro-therapy50 mins. (includes preparation, 20 min. treatment and resting time) Let the power of 150 air jets and 60 water jets envelope and massage the entire body for total relaxation while activating sluggish circulation. Swimsuit required. If there are health concerns please advise before booking.

Aromatnerapy Bath $59.00 50 min
A soothing soak with healing essential oils.

Thalassotherapy Bath $59.00 50 min
Soak stress away and stimulate circulation as your skin is remineralizing.

Hydro Foot Spa $59.00 45 min. “STAFF PICK”
This treatment soothes, softens, stimulates and relaxes all at the same. You'll experience 15 minutes of glorious soaking with delightful scents in a powerful hydrotherapy ; tub specifically designed just for those tired aching feet! Ends with a 24 minute foot  and lower leg massage!

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Scalp and Hair

Scalp-massageWe use only organic, cold pressed oils and high quality essential oils massaged into  your scalp and hair.

Shampoo, blow dry and style $45 35min
Shampoo and essential oil scalp massage $59 50min.
Shampoo, cut, blow dry and style $60 50min
Bridal hair consult and hairdo starting at $110.00
Depending on length of hair. For up does and extensions please advise before booking

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Waxing and Other Services

Eye brows waxed and shape $24.00
Lipline $17.00
Chin $17.00
Underarm $24.00
Back waxing (up to 45 minutes) $55.00
Back hair long or thick 50 minutes $69.00
Bikini (No Brazilian) 30 minutes $29.00
Full leg 50 minutes $69.00
Full leg and bikini 70 minutes $79.00
Lower leg 40 minutes $49.00

Tinting and other Services
Tinting brows or lashes $30,00
Brows and lashes $45.00
French manicure 50 minutes $49.00 “STAFF PICK”
File and polish 20 minutes $24.00
Make up consultant and application 75 min. $69.00
Make up for day or evening 50 minutes $65.00